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Sony Corp. Chairman, Sir Howard Stringer concluded a press conference about its forthcoming Android-based Internet TV yesterday with a widely quoted declaration: "This really is a very big deal." But it wasn't until his 50-minute sit down with an exclusive group of a dozen journalists and analysts that he got down to explaining why. With the planned fall debut of both a standalone TV and a set-top-box-like device, the TV, Stringer said, "is no longer dumb." By bringing the Internet and, more importantly, a cornucopia of apps to the TV, the same multimedia extravaganza that most people routinely enjoy alone on a PC or smartphone will finally make its way into the living room where they can enjoy it together.

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It appears Sony is "no longer dumb." They're wise enough to partner with Google rather than trying to do everything their own proprietary way.


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I don't think Sony's ever been dumb... They don't do things in their own proprietary way becuase the're stupid but because it gives 'em more money on the bottom line. And most of all they have a horrible business ethics in the way they have been making and forcing proprietary standards.

Nice example is PSP where you have to buy your movies over again due to licensing and technical limitations, even if you have the movie from beforehand and even if it's technically no problem to get it to the PSP, it's just been blocked.... (Hope I'm right on this?)

Sony is big enough to do these things....

I don't think Sony will have any intentions on making or adhering to open standards here, they don't think like this.

Which is why I do have a "personal Sony Boycot"

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