Sony SS-CS3 Tower Height – Raise 9" or Leave it Alone?



Getting a set of Sony SS-CS3 tower speakers for Christmas. Will have the matching center speaker and bookshelves for surrounds. My question is, to have the tweeter (and super tweeter) around my ear height when sitting (~42"), I'd need to raise the towers about 9". Should I build stands for these to sit on or just leave it alone?

The surround bookshelf speakers will be sitting on Rockville 36” Studio Monitor Speaker Stands, so I can actually cut those down a bit to match ear height no problem.

Also, should I add carpet spikes for stability or not worry about it? These are pretty stable on their own.




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I prefer ear height myself and would concentrate on the tweeter rather than super tweeter. When I needed something for the towers I use for rear surrounds to raise them I just built little boxes for risers for them to raise them up where I wanted. I've not needed spikes generally on carpet, I've found normal rubber feet work just fine.


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I have these same speakers and for the price they are hard to beat for how good they sound. My seating ear level is about 38-39 inches. I have left them as is (not raised). I have played around with seating levels and for my ears, I couldn’t tell a difference. Someone with better/more precise hearing may be able to. Play around with them and find what you like the best.

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