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I prefer a ribeye over the filet myself. A little more flavor.

Did I ever tell you I was a butcher for 30 years?
No. but I want to say I knew you were transitioning from another gig when I started coming on the board.

Very cool.

My main dish when we have people over...surf and turf...with my butcher cut ribeyes. I can get restaurant results with the Primo...500 deg sears

Due the marbling I can't disagree.. there is more flavor.

2channel lover

Audioholic Field Marshall
I always like the ribeye, but wifey isn't a fan of fat on her meat...which can be irritating.

However, I've got a good way of cooking filet that works quite well.

That reminds me, I need to cook a steak.
My wife will work around it, but the beauty of buying the butcher cut...I get to hand select the ones I want...I like marbling, but hate to have it conquer an entire side of the cut...nearly every packaged ribeye I come across seems to have one with a huge vein of fat running through it...ruined.

Sunday was stormy-wicked weather for Easter so I did my somewhat traditional surf and turf on Saturday instead. Got a few pics of the surf part of it.

The surf was some fairly large lobster tails...butterflied...a quick sear on direct cast iron...them finished on the indirect side for about 6 mins...basting with this cilantro and garlic infused butter.


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