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<font color='#000000'>I am wondering if anyone else has on opinion about what one should set the anti-skate amount to when using Shure cartridges with the dynamic stabilizer?

As you might know, one is supposed to set the tracking weight to 1.5 grams, resulting in a 1 gram actual tracking force, because the stabilizer/brush gives a .5g &quot;push&quot; upwards.  Shure says the anti skate force should be set to 1 gram, the actual tracking force of the stylus, but I am wondering if the extra friction from the brush wouldn't justify a higher anti skate setting?</font>
Rip Van Woofer

Rip Van Woofer

Audioholic General
<font color='#000000'>Man, does that bring back memories! I used to bring my TT into the local hi-fi dealer when the guy from Shure would come around on &quot;clinics&quot; and adjust everything. Used to be a big deal twice a year, I think.

I don't have a clue, though. Sorry. Now, I just set it so it doesn't either skip or distort too bad and cross my fingers...but I have a mere middle of the road Audio Technica on my old Thorens.</font>

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