Samsung BD-F5900 Blu-ray Player Reviewed

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    The fact is the Samsung BD-F5900 Blu-ray player is a very multifaceted machine. It has apps for Netflix, MLB, Facebook, and even a web browser. If you have other Samsung devices, it'll use HDMI-CEC to control them or AllShare for streaming content from your Samsung phone. It's got DTS Neo:6 built in so that you can take your old two channel source (or streamed sources) and turn them into surround at the player rather than at the receiver. If you have having problems with it, you can even call Samsung and they can log into your networked BD-F5900 and troubleshoot it for you. At $120, this is a pretty full featured Blu-ray player. If you are on the market for one, you owe it to yourself to look more fully into what this versus other players can do. You might find that the small DVD upscaling hiccups I experienced and the Netflix idiosyncrasies are an easy tradeoff.

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    Of note to Amazon Prime and Instant Video users this device is listed on Amazon's website as one of Samsung's two BD players that will stream/run this service. Link to all Amazon compatible devices here. It is odd that Samsung does not list a full complement of all the streaming services available on their players. LG and some other popular brands do not either.

    I would suggest to future reviewers that when possible all streaming services be listed. Although in many of the Sony BD player's case that may be a page of details.
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    Thanks for the review. I'm a BD-F5900 owner. Choosing it was a roundabout process. I needed a narrow profile BD player for my bedroom to fit in the furniture and I bought the BD-5100 to handle that. Interestingly, when I got smudged or scratched BD's from Netflix, My Panasonic 220 in the home theater would fall to its knees in a heap of misery. Strangely, I could take most of those discs and play them without an issue on the $69 5100 upstairs. I finally got tired of the Panasonic's fussiness about what it was served and bought the BD-F5900 to replace it, hoping it would save me having to watch so many BD's in the bedroom that I would rather watch downstairs. The 5900 has acquitted itself well.

    I don't use the Samsung remote. My Harmony One is backlit. I like the large timer display because it is easy to read. I don't notice it because the unit is near the floor on the bottom shelf of the audio furniture. I have yet to use the manual control circle. It is boots twice as fast as the Panasonic and I appreciate that.

    I have only two problems with it. The first is that it won't accept a wireless keyboard for use with the browser so I don't use the browser. The second is that I'm unable to download any of the apps in the Samsung app store. I'm not much of a streamer so that isn't huge for me. There is a real computer only two rooms away so I can live without the player's browser.

    And best of all, it isn't brought to its knees by imperfect Netflix Blu-Ray discs. I certainly recommend it.
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    Brought back from the dead... But I feel compelled to respond to the "imperfect" disc comment.

    I have been tempted to frisbee this POS down the street so many times. If atoms on the disc surface aren't aligned perfectly (much less a slight fingerprint or hairline scratch) the thing jags & skips at least once on every disc played.

    In fact, other than the whopping 15 seconds I save when loading discs, I hate just about every aspect of this player... with the weird surface pressure type buttons running a close second to the disc sensitivity.

    I'm shopping for a replacement for this piece of crap as soon as I finish this post.
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    If it is still under warranty I would try contacting Samsung fisrt.. Shouldn't skip that easily.

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