Rythmik FV15HP Subwoofer Review



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I disagree. Most xovers are slope and band limited. Many do not allow you to crossover lower than 80hz, many offer only a few fixed points. What if I want to change the highpass to smaller mains to 24db instead of 12? Or set the lowpass to the sub to 12db instead of 24db?

Regardless I'd like to have a small list of the processors or recievers that do offer what I would consider excellent flexibility. One processor that I know of that does offer excellent hi/low pass xover settings is the UMC-1. You can ajust the slope and have a dozen or so band points to select from starting around 30-40hz all the way up past 150hz if I recall. But even this bass management system in itself is flawed still due to the sub channel EQ not working for 2 channel music.

The previous statement had a typo, I meant the other way around.

Like? Examples please. And what specific bands? Are we talking about near worthless octave or higher spacing?

Well if you can't adjust a boost or dip in the frequency response at the specific point needed or the with the proper Q, then no its not necessarily better at all.

I have a pair of Onkyo SC 886's and even the 15 band eq it has per channel(and 6 bands for the sub) is kind of limited for my need to maximum fine tuning. I could get the in room response relatively smooth with it(A hell of alot better than Audessy XT ever will)but I ended up with some dips and boosts that were not at the EQ points, so I went with 3 Rane DEQ 60L(2 channels per) 1/3 octave 30 band EQ's instead(5 channels for the mains, 1 for the sub) and the response in room is now near perfect. Something I cannot do with the typical run of the mill processors and recievers on the market. The only home processor I feel is audio worthy is the AudioControl Diva, but unfortunately its major $$$. But there should be more products like that on the market.
You could check out miniDSPs for equalization. They have many bands of parametric equalization and their interface allows going as low as 10Hz. I use that to impose a high pass at 16Hz. I use them for both crossovers and equalization and for my sub it's mostly equalization with the crossover being handled by my UMC-1. It can set crossovers to 40Hz, maybe lower but I haven't checked.


we scaled our 1 meter peak CEA data to 2 meter RMS by subtracting 9dB for each frequency.
It looks like you're subtracting 6dB for doubling the distance and another 3dB for going from peak to RMS. Is 3dB the exact factor or an estimate?

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