Rug to hardwood floors, what can I expect?



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Hi all -
My room size is 26W x 17L x 20ft cathedral ceilings, open concept.
Installing hardwood floors soon just curious on what changes in bass I may hear and benefits or solutions in getting the bass I need?
My set up:
Yamaha RX 700
Polk monitor 70s
Polk monitor 40s
Crowne XLS 1500 amp
Subwoofer - PSA XV30FSE , HSU VTF 15H


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I'm interested in hearing thoughts on this from those who know more than I, but if I had to guess, I am not sure carpeting will make much impact on bass response. Significant difference on high frequencies though!


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overall 'absorption' will decrease and depending on the rest of the room, acoustically speaking, it may become overly bright and or a bit boomy.

friend of mine did what your doing and FWIW putting a large area rug between the listening position and speakers, it did help.


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Yes... not so much an issue with low frequencies. Those soundwaves are way to long to be affected by a carpet. But the higher frequencies will definitely get bounced around.
A good padded area rug to absorb the early reflection from/floor bounce is a must!

Once you get everything done and the room re-furnished, try picking a quiet moment and just clapping in the room. If you can hear that Slap Echo, then you will know for certain that there is some work to do.


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People think of early reflections only from the side walls, typically ...which doesnt complete the picture at all. You've got early reflections from the floor, ceiling , back wall etc.. these can all affect the sound stage.

Installing a thick(shoot for 100% pure wool..not the synthetic hard variety) rug between the speakers & listening position, made a night & day difference in my 2 ch music listening in office room with hardwood floor. My left ear was taking the blunt of the reflections..and this is not just ear fatigue. No more!

It will not have a big impact on the lower frequencies(bass) , but Mikdado is right, room can become overly bright and the high frequencies get bounced around, without a large area rug....

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