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I did some research but couldn’t find the answer, hopefully somebody experienced in Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO) can help. I own Yamaha RX-V781 AV Receiver. I changed all my speakers and need to optimize the settings again. Will the measurement results be affected by ‘YPAO Volume’ [and] ‘Adaptive DRC’ left from previous optimization and set to ON? In other words, are ‘YPAO Volume’ [and] ‘Adaptive DRC’ active and affect YPAO while it’s running calibration? Should I disable (set to OFF) ‘YPAO Volume’ [and] ‘Adaptive DRC’ prior to running YPAO calibration for new speakers and every time I re-run YPAO calibration (change room/speakers or reposition speakers)?

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I would think re-running YPAO with your new speakers would reset all related YPAO features automatically. I doubt it makes any difference what settings you have in terms of on/off before re-running it. The effectiveness of YPAO would be compromised I'd think if it retained information from a previous calibration/running of YPAO.


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Agree with 'lovinthehd'.

Reset everything to default, run YPAO 3 or 4 times, trim the settings and then apply 'YPAO Volume & 'Adaptive DRC' afterwards individually, to see if you need or like them.

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