RBH BF Sale! (and Klipsch wireless amp)



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30% off Impression series speakers.
Ear buds at better than 66% discount.

RBH obviously doesn't think much of their MM-4X speakers! I say that because you can buy:
1) BT100 integrated BT amp with MM-4X speakers for $250, or
2) BT100 integrated BT amp for $285
This means they are essentially paying you $35 (plus the added shipping cost) just to get rid of the lousy things!;)

I think this is most likely a typo/screw-up, so don't be surprised if the price gets changed, but you may be able to get your order in and there is a good chance they will honor it! If you are looking for something like a modest kitchen system, this seems like a great option. You could also pair it with something like Amazon's Echo Dot for a good sounding smart speaker.
Those speakers are listed as regular $440/pr. and BF price is $150/pr.
The BT100 are listed as $330 regular and BF price is $285

$250 for this "mini system" is a great price. Although I have not heard these, RBH has always sourced pretty good drivers for the price-point and do a good job of getting good sound quality.

However, as much as I like RBH, I have to add if you are just looking for a BT amp, you can get the Klipsch Powergate from Beach Camera via Amazon Prime for $200 (regular $500) which is a far better option (unless Klipsch is just a bad word for you)!
The Klipsch has double the power, adds a whopping 0.3 pounds (2.7 vs 3 pounds):eek:, adds wi-fi connectivity/streaming, has a separate control for sub level on the remote*, USB Audio input, and has a phono pre-pro built in (but you have to select phono or line in using a switch on the back to use with one set of RCA jacks)!
*I am assuming that the RBH does not have a sub level adjustment; however, there is no clear photo of the RBH remote to verify.
The Powergate also has RCA outputs.
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