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<font color='#000000'>Budget Quandry, Which to choose? &nbsp;

This forum has opened me up to a new learning experience, and I have gained some valuable info over the short period of time I have spent here.
But I would like to inquire once agin as to assistance with speaker info. I recently began putting together (ON PAPER) an AXIOM system. Granted these have come with rave reviews. BUT, at a cost. the system i was piecing together came in around 1200.00. WITHOUT a sub. Then adding a Sub I would come in at 1500-1600. This is a bit steep for my first plunge into HT, but I was relunctantly willing.
Then as i was reading, AGAIN, some more threads, I came across someone praising a sytem from FLUANCE. I tuned to their website, and lo and behold I could not believe what I was reading or seeing. Now I am in a bit of a quandry. Should I go all out and blow the wad on the Axioms, or, try for the Fluance and get my feet wet. I do not have a large room, 13 x 15. And the HT would be used part of the time since there is my son's room directly above.
I would look to pair either of these with the HK AVR 325/525, or the Denon's 1803/2803. Depending on prices.
Lastly I would like a sub, that would not kill the budget, again a referral came to Adire Rava or Velodyne.
Any input is valuable to me, and I appreciate all.
I also read that Fluance requires BIwiring, is this an issue, or dificult to perform?

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<font color='#000000'>Hey Dajovin--

I was in a very similar situation.  Although I wasn’t looking at FLAUNCE speakers, I did want to buy speakers on the cheap.   I also have an H/K AVR 325 which you appear to be considering, similar room dimensions (east coast apartment), etc.  I ended up going for the Axioms, building up a few pieces at a time.  You can do no wrong with these speakers—they are a great value at their price point.  I started with the M3’s as my mains, got some clearance M2’s my surround, and the VP150 for the center.  I have an older JBL 10’ subwoofer that I’ll be upgrading soon.

I have also heard that Dhalquist makes some very solid speakers at a comparable price to the Axioms, although I haven’t auditioned them.  

There are a few things you should consider—the 30-day return policy (an audition for me since I live in the states) on the Axioms is a testament to their quality.  I knew after 5 minutes that I wasn’t going to send them back, and they sound even better a year later.  But if you don’t find that the sound justifies the expense, then they’ll take them back—no questions or no hassle—and you can get some cheaper ones.  Secondly, the 5-year warranty is legit—I haven’t had any problems, but I’m sure you’ve read the Axiom message board (another great site to learn from), where its clear that the customer service there is ridiculously good.  Have you considered the Axiom Epic Master Home Theatre?—two M3 mains, two great surrounds (wish I had them), a center, and a great subwoofer for $1240 with no tax (again, since I’m in the states) and shipping included?  It looks like it would be adequate for your room . . . they also have an upgrade policy if you need to go bigger at a later date.

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<font color='#000000'>I don't want tell you what to do, but if what I'm hearing about Fluance is correct for cabinet wall construction -- 1/2&quot; MDF and limited internal bracing, I think I would pass and look elsewhere.  This cabinet likely has resonance problems that will influence it's sound negatively.

I would not want a cabinet with anything less then 3/4&quot; MDF and plenty of internal bracing..</font>

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