Projector issues after upgrading to separates and installing a four post rack



I purchased a XMC-2 and a couple of XPA amps to replace my Denon 4400H a few months ago. I installed a four post rack to hold move everything into.

I hooked everything up, and the projector (Sony es285) made a click and died. (No power) Sent it back to Sony and they replaced the main board and shipped it back.

While waiting on the Sony, I've used a 50" LG TV, with no issues.

I got the projector back. Re-Mounted it, powered it on, ran the test grid and then started to connect the HDMI cable (Which run though the wall and used it with the Denon/es285 for 3 years prior) I hear a click and down went the projector again.

I've got a few ideas and next steps but would like to hear other thoughts.


My Current 7.2.4 System
Main speakers: Klipsch RP-280F FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS
Center: Klipsch RP-440C
Side Surrounds: Klipsch RP 250S
Back Surrounds: Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-600M
Subwoofers(2): SVS PB-3000 - SW (Left & Right front)
Height channels (4): SVS - Prime Elevation (Ceiling mounted)
Prepro: Emotiva XMC-2 Manual
Amps: Emotiva BYO XPA- seven-0 gen3 & XPA-5 Gen 3
Build Your Own (Custom Configuration) Audiophile Power Amplifier seven-7-0
Projector: Sony VPL-VW285es
Screen: Screen Innovations 7 Series Fixed - Black Diamond Fixed Frame Screen 120"
Power Conditioner/Surge protection: Panamax 5300-PM Power conditioner
Sources: Panasonic UB820 Blu-Ray Player, Sony UPB-x700 Blu-ray player (For SACDs), Xbox one, Playstation 4, Roku Ultra, FireTV 4K(For Tidal Atmos), Sega Genesis and a Chromecast Ultra.
Front Row seating: SeatCraft Vienna Multimedia Sofa w/ SoundShakers
Side Seating: SeatCraft Vienna Multimedia Loveseat w/ SoundShakers
2nd Row seating: Seatcraft Monterey Back Row of 3 Loveseat right w/ SoundShakers
Room Dimensions: 28’ x 13’ Layout in Floorplanner
Uses: Movies Blu-rays, UHD Dolby Atmos/Streaming (60%), Music Tidal/SACDs (20%), sporting events (10%) and Video Games (10%)

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