PRO Audio Technology / Trinnov 23-Channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Listening Event!



Audioholics Master Chief
We were fortunate to be invited out to PRO Audio's headquarters in southern California for a 23-channel Atmos demo featuring Trinnov processing and 14,800 watts of power. What we saw and heard here was an immersive surround sound Atmos/DTS:X spectacle based on science; no gimmicky bouncy house speakers were used. Instead, PRO Audio employed ALL high efficient, discretely placed speakers that sounded superb for two-channel and full on multi-channel surround sound.

If you have the funds for a high-quality sound system and you do not want to ask “What if?,” then look no further than PRO Audio Technology.

Read: PRO Audio Technology / Trinnov 23-Channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Experience


We have had opportunity to install the Pro Audio systems and they easily represent the greatest bang for the buck in the hi-end world. I do agree however with chriscmore, why demonstrate the incredible capabilities of your system through a screen that even with proper placement colors the sound with comb filtering etc when there are great alternatives available. Interesting choice of reviewers to write about this system having made it clear he has never owned a system in this realm and probably hasn't even heard one at a trade show or other venue.

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