Post rejected by system, how to reach forum admin?



I tried to post a moderately long question last night and got blocked by the "spam-like or inappropriate content" bot. I severely cut message and posted successfully. Dozen or so replies later I tried to respond to them in another moderately long message and got same error message.
Is there a length limit on posts and replies? This is not spam and the language is decent and respectful of all so I don't know where the flaw is.
I really would like to respond to the helpful comments and possibly continue the conversation.


Were you including images or links?
No, just words and a couple of product names and the title of a movie where I was having an audio issue.
Here is a post I tried to send to all who responded to my short post by replying to my original, also rejected. Can you see in it where it failed the censor?
Thanks everyone--I first tried to post a longer detailed explanation last night but the spam filter blocked me for no obvious reason. (How do you contact a forum admin to report such a problem?)
I had a full hearing test at a major hospital in the last year and my hearing is excellent for my age. That is 70, so I expect there will be problems (and I also would likely not benefit from spending thousand$ on hi-end speakers.)
I am listening to the Pioneer SP-PK52FS 5.1 system I just bought based in large part on the review here at Audioholics. The center speaker is right at the edge of the shelf under the screen, the floor is carpeted, and there is not a coffee table or other hard surface between me and the speaker.
The manual for the HTR-6230 shows 2 places to adjust speaker level, p.19 is in basic setup and p.33 is in manual setup; I accessed this thru the latter and did my best to have the 4 corner speakers at the same level and the center higher (enough, but not crazy louder). I will recheck this, I didn't see a dB level for my change but maybe I missed it.
I have increased the 300Hz and 1kHz bands in the graphic equalizer by 2dB. I will apply same adjustment to 3Hz.
I have been looking at a receiver upgrade so have been much more critical in my listening lately. I decided to address this problem at a spot in Casino Royale where Bond and Vesper are talking quietly and I had to grab the remote control to push the volume up, then back down for the next action sequence. I know some movies just do a poor job with the sound editing in dialog sequences, so I will do the best I can in my system and downrate the movies that deserve it.
I do not want to go into "night mode" if I can help it. Want to preserve dynamic range as much as possible. But maybe this topic deserves more coverage.


Since I can't figure out how to post a question, I'm doing it here.
I'm receiving a radio station only in my left channel, when my preamp (CJ PV5) is on phono, which has never happened before with the same equipment in five different locales. I've tried the ferrite core RFI "blockers" to no avail, disconnected & reconnected all interconnects and speaker cables also to no avail. My next step is to switch the phono-preamp left/right channel interconnects (ML silver) to see if receiving the radio station changes to the right channel. The only other thing I can think of doing is to change my cartridge (JGrado S8M to an old Ortofon) but, since this is so labor intensive in setting things up correctly, I'm waiting to see if there's some other logical/simpler explanation to correct this problem. Thanx.


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Not sure what you're doing that you can't create a thread, are you going to the appropriate sub-forum and not finding the rather large and obvious "Post New Thread" button in the right of center upper part of the page?

You just got this effect on the latest move? I've heard a twisted pair of speaker cables may help reduce RFI like that, altho better shielding on interconnects may be in order, you'll need to experiment. Perhaps reroute/move your left speaker wires to gauge effect? Running parallel to power cords or something along those lines?

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