Pink Floyd PULSE own 5.1 upmix



Hello everyone.

Recently I've finished my experimental work on stereo to 5.x upmixing tech.
As a result I've made the own 5.1 upmix of my all time favourite gig that sounds great and developed an upmixing process that outperforms many other upmixers I've tested.
So I want to share some youtube demos here and discuss what you think about it.

Why I did that?
Because I absolutely love this great conсert and love the original stereo mix.
But always hated the original 5.1 surround mix.
Also all automatic upmixers I tested are didn't satisfy me in terms of sound quality.

All the demos are converted to binaural stereo so they hold spatial information and compatible with yotube's standard stereo stream.
You just need a high quality DAC and a pair of high quality full size headphones.

There are 3 playlists:

1) Own 5.1 upmix -vs- original stereo:

2) Own 5.1 upmix -vs- original 5.1:

3) Own 5.1 upmix -vs- penteo 5.0 upmix:

Don't forget to read video descriptions and enjoy.

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