Perlisten r7t vs paradigm persona 7 or 9



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I run my AVM70 with ATI Class D and Parasound, I can't tell the difference sonically and the ATI is dead quiet and does not get very hot. Doesn't matter which you use.
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Thinking maybe sell my xpr1’s and get parasound a51 or ati 6005 or ATI AT525NC. Thoughts?
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I've listened to both Perlisten S7T and the entire Persona series on many occasions. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to do a direct A/B comparison of the S7T vs Persona 9H. Keep in mind that the 9H is ~2x the price of the S7T (standard edition) and to that point they should sound better. My listening test was purely 2ch music listening with my own tracks and I found the 9H sound preferable in nearly every test. The S7T still sound very good but not quite to the level of the 9H IMO.

That said use case matters a lot here. If I were building a predominantly home theater system, I would probably go Perlisten. For a primarily music focused system, I'd go with the Persona. FWIW, I also prefer the look of the Personas over the Perlisten.


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I also prefer the look of the Personas over the Perlisten.
Yeah, the Paradigm Persona cabinet is curved. All the Perlisten speakers and subs are rectangular boxes with a faceplate to make them appear less boxy from the front view, but they are just rectangular boxes.

The Paradigm's are made in Canada. The Perlisten's are all made in China.

I also prefer CURVED cabinets. My SX-T2/R are curved, my SVT's are curved.

My favorite curved cabinet is the B&W 802/800 with the shiny black Marlan Head. :D


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