Parasound Volume Pot part two



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Well I got my unit back yesterday, with a tech sheet attached, saying unit met specs, unable to verify channel imbalance. That's it, no info on what test was done or anything about measurements.
To make things even worse, my dealer was supposed to have it hooked up to a system when I came in, so I could show him the issues.
Nope, I get there unit is boxed up and he shows me a picture of it hooked up to some bookshelf speakers and a 50 watt old parasound amp. Says it sounded ok to them. So they tested it on very inefficient speakers, I think they were 82 db and a cheap amp in a large room with all kinds of noise. Didn't say anything about low volume, big imbalance because well ( they didn't do that) Nothing about remote control used for checking volume sending those annoying sounds through the speakers because well (we didn't do that). I was shocked a supposedly high end dealership seem to lack any common sense. Now I am starting to realize why my main dealer doesn't carry parasound and wanted nothing to do with their products.
To top it off, when I dropped the unit off to the dealer 3 weeks ago so they could ship back to parasound, they had moved from last year when I bought the P5, then when I go to pick up the unit, guess what, they moved again.
So I learned a costly lesson, stay away from Parasound and LivingSounds. But to bad for the both of them, I have a large family and many friends and acquaintances who are into the audio game, and I will do everything possible to steer them away from both companies.
Anyways I guess most people have a audio product nightmare sometime in their life and this one was mine.
I feel your pain regarding the repair experience in general.

My issues in the past were Denon AVR and AVP and how Pannurgy (the primary repair company for all Denon/Marantz) seemed incompetent each time.

Good luck on finding a better company.

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