Once again: what are you listening to now? Part 2.



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Fiona Apple does a cover of a Twitty song. :) OB were my favs on the CW station that was here in the 80-90's. There no longer in NY though. I see a RSL sub in your future. So says the crystal ball. :D
Wished Fiona Apple would do a remake of Tight Fitting Jeans and star in the video herself......LOL!!!!! Seen a commercial just a few minutes ago that has Rachel Platten in it. Oh my is she ever beautiful! What a hottie!




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Fiona's known to like Country and has done some Live, but not on CD.
Here a country version of Criminal with Nickel Creek(All her songs were done in Country on this tour). Wish the audio was better. I was lucky to see these performances in NY:
This is a nice version of Waltz and maybe my fav by her. Listen to the words:
Mike Ruby

Mike Ruby

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I just picked up the latest Radiohead album on Vinyl. Two records and very well produced. I haven't downloaded the CD for comparison, but the records do sound good!

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