Once again: what are you listening to now? Part 2.



Audioholic Ninja
Been letting amzonian HD ride through this group's catalog as it will. It prompts me to push the db past 87.


Audioholic Ninja
I've owned the DVD for Secret World Live for years but recently came across this remaster from 2012. A nice reminder of what a great line up Peter Gabriel had for this tour and what a great concert. I was surprised at how good it sounds for a YouTube stream. Peter Gabriel at his best:


Full Audioholic
I'm listening to the Dead and Company* 2019/11/06 Uniondale, NY.

95% of the time I'm either listening to Grateful Dead concerts (not studio stuff) or Dead and Company concerts.
I've got the downloads for 89 Dead and Company concerts and 158 Grateful Dead concerts and the collection grows all the time.

* The latest (and best in my opinion) reincarnation of the Grateful Dead since Jerry died with 3 original members and three new members.

ETA: Here have a picture :)


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