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I could get a DSP. I’ve been trying that with the limited options of this AVR.
but let me ask this. Is there a difference in sound from speaker that can make the same tone as another but one can “move air”. Do some sound good and some sound good but you can also feel the sound?
is this a real idea? Because the MAs make great sound but I can feel the sound it seems like from the SVS from notes that I would not call subs notes. This is what makes me feel like the SVS have fuller mids? I can turn the sub up to 120 crossover using the MAs but I can only feels the upper sounds from the SVS. Makes me think it’s a speaker problem I need to correct and not a sub range issue ?
It may be that the SVS speakers just have more midrange headroom, and that is what you are noticing. Most bass does not lay in the subwoofer region, that is only deep bass. Bass goes up to 500Hz, so your speaker takes most of the mid and upper bass frequency range. The SVS speakers certainly have more dynamic range capability here than the Monitor speakers. The Monitor speakers probably just has their tweeter tuned a little hot, and that is why you are noticing it a bit more. All you have to do to compensate for that in the SVS speaker is tilt the treble range up a bit with a tone control. You can adjust speakers for tonality using an equalizer, but there is not much you can do to give a speaker a wider dynamic range except running it with a sub.


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id imagine most avr have this , equalizer
Bass traps can help but I do not use any room treatments
However I cannot lower Klipch treble even with my equalizer... haha
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