<font color='#000000'>Just wondering how many of you out there have heard of Nuance and what you think about them.. Also wondering how many people here own a Nuance system... Looking for rants or raves ..</font>
I have two sets of Nuance speakers .. Spatial Grand 3D’s, Advantage Spatial Towers with built in subs .. also have aNuance Center channel Speaker all for home theatre .. They are fantastic.. and not just for home theatre but pretty much anything.. they can take allot of power but you don’t need allot of power for them to shine .. I run them currently on my new yamaha rxv2a receiver but have also used my hybrid tube amp with a whopping 25 watts per channel .. they are awesome and cheap to buy used .. I paid $80 CA for the Baby Grand 3D’s with the massive matching separate subwoofer ( sold that as I did not need it), $100CA for the Spatial towers and $30CA for the Spatial Center channel ..
I suggest one makes their own decisions based on their own ears and not from what others say .. as for the negativity about the cost of said Nuances when new and the salesman tactics .. well that has no bearing on the quality of the speakers! ... and as for the comments of cheap drivers, caps and particle board enclosure and cement .. what a crock of BS .. don’t believe that nonsense.. I have personally heard and inspected about a dozen pairs of Nuance speakers and I can tell you they are not built cheap or with any of the above mentioned!! We have to realize that there are allot of individuals who like nothing better than to troll and stir up controversy!! It is east to shoot off your mouth with a keyboard but in person face to face these so called experts are anything but ...
In Closing::: for a $100 bucks or so what do you have to lose .. buy a pair and hear for your self .. if you don’t like thrown resell them !! I have been into audio for over 50 yrs with my grandfather owning an audio shop in the 70/80’s .. and I am a musician, my wife. Violinist and music teacher ,, both my sons are musicians and are in bands .. my ears tell me Nuance speakers are a bargain of a deal today .. So Go Have a Listen and you Just might

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