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Do you have a volt Ohm meter?
Maybe you can check the resistance of the phono out to see if the cartridge is measuring some resistance of its coil, then at the end of your phono cable the same way.
Will your phono amp accept both types of cartridges, moving coil or moving magnet? One has a really low output although that should give you some faint sound at least.


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I actually have this problem right now and was hoping someone could help me. I inheritaed a B&O BeoGram TX and Was trying to use it with a newer model reciever. My reciever didn't have a phono input so the audio was very low. With the system turned up all the way the turn table volume was just barely audible over the speakers. But it WAS working. Then I grounded the turn table ground wire to a negative speaker wire terminal on the unit. (.... *frown*)

After that, i do not get any audio through the rca wires but i can hear the sound of the music coming from the record. It definitely is the music from the record, but its faint, and sounds almost as if it is coming internally from the record player.

I am at a loss now on what to do. If it was the fuse wouldn't the entire turn table not power on? This powers on and goes through all of the motions as it should. I am not sure what i did, maybe shorted out something on the board. I am just wondering if it is economical to fix.

Thank you!


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Your first problem is you need a receiver with a phono input. If you dont have that then it wont work. You can buy a seperate phono preamp if you want to use other regular inputs like cd,aux..etc

Also. Grounding your turntable to the negative speaker terminal is a pretty awful idea. Not too sure what would have ever compelled you to try doing that but anyway... you probably damaged something in the receiver by doing that. A turntable is a pretty simple device and you dont even need it to be plugged in to get audio out of it if you spin the record by hand. You might have fried the tiny wires in the cartridge. Hard to say what your problem is now since it sounds like you fried something one way or another.

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