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My Infocus Screenplay 5000 has stopped working and I need some advice on a replacement.

The Screenplay met my needs and I would be happy just replacing with the same. But these are no longer supported.

I am thinking why not update at least a little to HDMI. The current wiring is coax and the RCA connectors on each end have been a source of problems, through the year.

I have a dedicated media room with no windows. The room is about 16’ x 16’. The projector ceiling mount is 9.5’ high and 14’ from the 110” screen.

Please don’t toast me, but I would like to keep this on the low end. So, my budget is around $500.

I really don’t have many requirements. The screenplay was a DLP with component input. We were very satisfied with the picture quality. So matching that would be our goal.

Thanks in advance for any input.


Audioholic Warlord
So, to start with, the SP5000 was a LCD projector, not DLP. Not that this matters at all.

What DOES matter is that this was about a $1,000 projector when it was out there. It was 720p resolution, which was once fine. Your use of component (red/green/blue RCA connections) for video is a really big stumbling point.

As is your 9.5' mounting height. Well, depending on how high the screen is on the wall.
The distance from the ceiling to the center of the lens is an important measurement. As is measuring from the ceiling to the top edge of the screen (the actual projection area!).

The 14' lens to screen distance needs to be a VERY accurate number! Projector lenses don't allow you to put the projector wherever you want, so you have to put the projector where it 'must' go as the lens allows. Fortunately, there are some models of projectors with enough zoom range to cover that distance just fine. Not as many as if you could move the projector wherever you wanted.

But, you aren't getting there for $500 because there isn't much in that category from quality projection manufacturers. There's all KINDS of cheap crap on Amazon. Those aren't warrantied in the USA and are far worse than your InFocus was.

Here is a list of all projectors that are 16:9 aspect ratio and under $1,000 which can hit a 110" diagonal from 14' away (lens to screen).

From that list, I would recommend the Epson 2150 as a proper home theater model. Except you will have to go to HDMI to use this projector. As is often the case with cheaper projectors, they are dumping the component video inputs completely. All HDMI!

So, if there are 52 projectors under $1,000 which are 1080p resolution, and some decent ones right at or near $500, why am I not recommending them? ...

Because you said the projector is 14' from the lens to the screen. That's a 1.75:1 throw distance. Pretty far for the screen size. Most projectors work in the 1.3:1 to 1.5:1 throw range. They go up or down a bit, but not a lot.

Why not the Acer? Because it's not designed for home theater and is far more likely to deliver a far inferior image compared to the InFocus SP5000 you have been using. Stick with models designed for decent home theater.

If you can move the projector closer by a couple of feet, I would get the BenQ HT1070a which can throw a 110" diagonal from about 13' lens to screen. Call it 12.5' for comfort.

But, from where you are, you will need the Epson 2150 to cover the distance.

You should check Epson's website for clearance center specials and check your local stores for specials on the 2150. But, it is sitting around $750. It's on point as a new model for the versatility in installation you need, but depending on screen/projector height, you may need to use keystone a bit. The older models tend to have more offset than newer models do. But, it may be pretty close.

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