Need advices about buying a mp3 player




I had an iPod Nano 4th that I used for many years but the battery died recently, I liked the sound quality despite the small storage capacity. I'd like to find a new mp3 player but I'm not sure what to buy. Recently I tried that mp3 player :

TIMMKOO MP3 Player with Bluetooth, 4.0" Full Touchscreen Mp4 Mp3 Player with Speaker, Portable HiFi Sound Mp3 Music Player with Bluetooth, Voice Recorder, E-Book, Supports up to 512GB TF Card (Black) -

and the sound quality was horrible especially when I turned up the volume, my iPod sounded so much better. I have a large mp3 music collection "168GB" on my laptop and I'd like to find a mp3 player with an SD storage expandable up to 512GB, compatible with iTune or not, I don't care too much about all the extra stuff but a high sound quality.

Thanks for your help.



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I don't know much about iPod Nano, but iPods will connect to car stereos, etc., if that is factor for you. I have a Teac CD player that recognizes an iPod, which is very cool. I had iPod Classics over the years, but now I have an iPod Touch. I think it's 6th Gen. You can find them fairly cheap. Ipod Touch also has Blueteeth which is an option if you have a modern receiver at home. I don't use that though as it hasn't been a super reliable connection for me.

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