need advice! LG c2 oled or mini led qned85???



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We solely stream mostly off our 4k firestick, & also have an playstation 4 console hooked up that gets used from time to time...
I havent played with any settings, im not the type that just changes things to see what happens...
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There are different picture modes available and each have their own presets. You can make adjustments to your liking for each of them. When making different settings for SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision, you can tap on "Apply To All Inputs" in the Advanced Picture Settings so that the settings for each are applied to any connected devices in the system. So, Dolby Vision settings in the TV will be applied to any and all devices outputting Dolby Vision in the system. The same goes for SDR and HDR10 settings. To really make the TV image pop, replace the PS4 with a PS5. ;)

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