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Applied my own do it yourself noise reduction Dolby SRA5 Spectral Recording SR to the Behringer DCX2496 common hiss issue on the HF outputs, starting with the centre channel to see how it affects the hiss when SR is ON.


Pink noise playing in the room picked up by the microphone as I want see the affect of the actual JBL horn.

With SR ON frequency level is slightly increased.

Hiss is reduced to what level I have to see on direct line outputs if I can get a good reading, later on maybe but it does work and I can't knock it for real SR at cheap price.


With SR OFF the pink noise is like reduced in frequency and level.

I'll do a direct line test later on when I have the other HF outputs wired up to the second SRA5.

It gives a nice biting sound when Khan grabs some "Ceti eels" and plugs the newborns from them so that they can control minds.



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Second Dolby SRA5 wired in now all I need is another one and maybe few more.


Firstly de-solder the other wires .



Second SRA5 wired into the LR HF horns.


Placed a few batteries underneath to raise them above the Denon so heat doesn't excessively build up. The one many few AVR's Denon that serves as internal input only for HF horns.


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The Samson rack has gotten bit full up and has served well over the years and will be used as player rack if I decide to use the IR emitters. Ordered a 40U frame rack that will be here in a week and will serve as the amplifier rack.


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William Somerset: [discovering what's inside the package] California, tell your people to stay away. Stay away now, don't - don't come in here. Whatever you hear, stay away! John Doe has the upper hand!

Magic: [curiously sniffing the box] What's inside the box?


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I'm kinder of curious myself with, whats inside the box?


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Onkyo TX-NR807


Cheap. Its about 9 years well 10 years 2009 model with PLIIz height and wide with Audyssey DSX / THX Select 2 designed for mid size rooms ... well my room is small tiny and it still works.

A few minor scratches that is only notifiable under bright light.

Testing the AVR amplifies speaker outputs with JBL control 1 monitors, but seems that surround backs LR are switched off and gotta read though the manual to get them reactivated.


Once I have got this AVR figured out I'll use it for ... well not really decided yet? I have listened to the wide and height channels on there own and I can tell what the PLIIz is doing with PLIIz matrix. It also has PLII and PLIIx.

Dolby volume
THX loudness
Audyssey dynamic EQ / loudness

180watts each channel

Can't test the HDMI as I don't have spare HDMI lead that is long enough to reach and don't have any rack space on the main two racks to place it to check with HDMI with 7.1 content but it seems to be in working order.

The weight seems less than Onkyo TX-SR875 which is backbreaking heavy! I can see though the vents with a touch the inside layout is lot different than TX-SR875, even the HDMI board seems to by mounted differently a bit lower down. I wonder if the HDMI performs better than other Onkyo known HDMI board issues?

It has an ISF video calibration.

What it can't do is making hot chocolate drinks.


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Heat. I like this film at times great crime drama with fine performances even the heist shootout scene is soundly a classic among home cinema fans. There is some parts of the soundtrack that are very high in levels tends to audio mask certain channels could be centre masking LR or LR masking centre or surround masking centre or centre masking surround. I ranted on a bit and wanted to do few minutes not 12 minutes.



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Trying out for fun the Kef SP1014 which has a good frequency response in the low end I think the high end rolls off at 8Khz or is it a few Khz down?


The Dolby DSU is switched off, using my own matrix from the Dolby CP45

Free air hung up on the light with 4 strings holding it up and connected to matix front centre on the Dolby CP45 that is connected to the side surrounds and switched the crossovers high end off on the sidewall surrounds so I only hear the direct sound coming from the Kef while the JBL 8330 running with low end bass since the crossover filter is switched ON which shuts down all the mid and high range from 500Hz 800Hz depending on the chosen crossover slope.


I can still hear defused stereo bass from the sidewall surrounds while only a mono signal is coming off from phantom centre image and being played over the Kef SP1014.

I know with free air its going to radaite sound upwards a little to the sides or kinder null effect while I hear direct sound from the centre of the voice coil of the speakers front.



Maybe I should turn it upside down so its facing up at the ceiling and see how that sounds?


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Surprised with crossover set to 500Hz for the sidewall surrounds and with free air, Kef speaker above when U.S.S. Enterprise passes by on right surround sounded like it was at lower elevated angle that made me turn my head to right side with my eyes focusing downwards not upwards I have the matrix Blow surrounds switched off.

Its the nature of the low frequencies that spread out differently that was merely an illusion but best one by far yet.



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Switched the Kef SP1014 upside down facing upwards towards the ceiling while rest of its open free air frequency radiates downwards with the small range in the Khz range as the top end is facing forwards up at the ceiling and the rest of the lower Hz is also going upwards and downwards.


While standing up and walking slowly around it while it plays wide-band pink noise I stand nearly almost in the null range that sounds good and more defused. I'm getting an idea.


Also as it is upside down now serves as light shade :D the speaker has a 101 uses. :D It helps to defuse the light. :D


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Star Trek the motion picture, Dolby Stereo 7.1, warp speed is so soundly inspiring me with some ideas.

The sound should be at first slightly below at floor level since the angle of the camera looking at the U.S.S. Enterprise is at below angle with warp engines below the screen angle with the saucer slight up front at near almost centre of the screen but grandly is moving towards the centre of the screen when ... the warp engines engage so the trust warp propulsion pushing the Enterprise forwards should leave the sound in space (thou impossible) trailing behind at floor level then as it breaks though warp 1 and vanishes the sparkles of light beams should be heard in spherical surround even thou rooms are commonly rectangular.

Space isn't rectangular its like some believe to be an expanding bubble, "expanding universe" but we'll never know that fact for sure as its moving so incredibly fast and we don't have the spacecrafts to reach these distances in such an incredibly speed and short time.




There is another dimension of sound I can hear and its case of placing another array of speakers in a position to give me presence of being in the middle of the warp speed scene thou if in real life if such a ship was possible I think the power of it would vaporized my atoms. I don't know?


Original Captain Kirk is still awesome. :D


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amazon dot belongs in the cat litter for being utter crap that came with crappy bullsh"t fake news review about that denon demon avc-x8500h piece of crap avr.




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40U rack tower arrived today. Slowly starting to install firstly have to remove the kitchen door and fit the door do opens outwards lastly. The rack tower will be for the amplifiers.



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A 40U frame rack tower arrived this morning, Damn heavy! I won't be installing any new amplifiers in it till maybe early next year as next few weeks is going to be a x-mas rush.


Check if the parts all here.


It was straightforward like my other racks to assemble.



Computer placed on top of the used to be behind the door now has new place with some most of cables tided up.



After finishing it was time to feed my cats.


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New replacement Denon AVC-X8500H arrived and I handed over the faulty broken one to be sent back.




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All three heights except (height 4) are running
Height 1, front
Height 2, middle
Height 3, back

Height 3, middle I have run out of additional processor inputs on the Sony SDDS D3000 except for 1 channel input that I may use for ether Height front centre or "VOG".

I think I can wire the remote fader onto the Dolby CP500 that is running the SDDS D3000, x2 CP65 with an extra fader that is wired to the CP65 so I can do special fader trims for certain movies.

Fader 1.JPG

Firstly I need to see which pin numbers need to be connected to remote fader.

Fader 2.JPG

Remote fader and unit control for format selction with Dolby CP500 own remote fader, but I won't need to use the unit format switching I can do that on the CP500 front panel soft-keys.

Fader 3.JPG

I have six input options.
front LR will be used and configured for Height 3, middle LR overhead surrounds. Or I could use one of the two surround inputs and route that to Height 3, middle LR overhead surround and use front LR input for Front Wide soon as get some more JBL 8330 installed or use two JBL Control 12SR that would be connected to a third Behringer DCX2496 DSP crossover.

Fader 4.JPG

Wiring numbers which is straightforward + inputs and gnd to connect.

Fader 5.JPG


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No can do with CP500 tonight thought I had a computer lead 37-D pin to modify, so ordered a 37-D male pin with terminal inputs, same that I used for the SDDS D3000 only that is 25-D pin.

I could rig up a Dolby CP55 in the kitchen and run the lead back from its remote fader, fit 30 channel RCA patch-bay in the rack so I don't have to cut up and more RCA phone leads and connect the Height 3 middle overhead from Denon and route the lead which is already rigged up to one of Onkyo TX-SR875 to power the overhead channels and testing it now (only the overheads) seeing what they are doing and how they all sound together.



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The CP55 is only temporary as the rack will be more reserved for new amplifiers.




The hinges typically break they are plastic however someone makes metal ones may get them soon.


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