Music vs. Home Theater



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Good sound is good sound, and there is no conflict between HT and music. If an HT system is not also a first class music system it is not a good HT system either.
Only reason I reposted that very old post, because it's his very first post. But yeah agree with comment.


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I started to think I had been doing it all wrong sticking to full range 2 channel, or even 2.1 for music after happening upon the HT trend and I am no purist. I just don't enjoy an HT setup or layout. Not as a solo listener. HT had me thinking I must be missing something without surround sound, until my music listening friends jumped on the surround sound train and I got to listen to theirs.

They even went as far as to discount 2-channel systems like my own as inferior, even though they also did two channel with their HT systems. . .or 3 channel more like, with their bless'd center channel having to always be included. I tried their way when at their home, and figured I would eventually install one of my own, once I learned how it was done. Sure it sounded great, but holy heaping OCD, Batman. Between the constant measuring, tweaking and second-guessing all the time, they didn't/don't have the time or patience to listen to music as long or as thoroughly as I did/do. I end up in marathons of 8 hrs or more if I dare turn the damn thing on.

The other question I asked them was, if it's so great, why do you have to upgrade so often? I find a good pair of speakers and instead, worry that I won't be able to find something as good if they die, even if they last 10 years or more. At least without a bunch of trial and perhaps even error in the process. But they buy and retire/sell off things seemingly as fast as they get them. This after swearing it's the best thing they had ever heard, each and every time.

Still, it's having a great 2-channel system that keeps me so cemented in it. I sit here and try to imagine improvement and end up coming to the conclusion that what I have is better than I am. Sometimes even yelling out an uncontrollable expletive when it hands me hat, even after having listened to the same system for 7 years now. Yes, it still amazes me and even shows me some new surprises pretty regularly.

Ahh well. I don't think my way is better for anyone but me. I have come to the conclusion that I am just not that hard to please. I don't miss the effects of HT, even after having watched movies with it. I like watching movies in 2.1 just as much, or perhaps even more. But 50 yrs on now, I am even more into 2-channel music than I ever was, which is saying a lot. I didn't think that was possible.


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Only reason I reposted that very old post, because it's his very first post.
You just had to embarrass me, didn't ya? :D

Almost 20 years ago.

It's still a common topic. Some people think that certain speakers are "voiced" better for certain types of music/movies - that somehow you can't just have good speakers that sound good with everything.

Some people think that new AVP/AVR/speaker models sound better than older models, even when they measure almost the same or measure superbly.

Some people think that all amps/DAC/AVP sound differently.

These topics will always be relevant. :D

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