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I think the biggest bottleneck in your system is the graphics card. The GTX 1650 can run VR - but it wont run it flawlessly.

I can't tell from your post, however, if you understand what nbk13nw is saying. If you do I apologize for the following. The Quest and Quest 2 do not need a computer at all. They are standalone VR headsets with the added feature of linking to a PC. A Quest can play VR content two ways: (1) content loaded directly onto the headset utilizing the headset's internal components, or (2) like a more traditional VR setup with the content running on a PC using the PC's internal processing and streaming the video to the headset via hardwire (Oculus Link) or wireless link (Virtual Desktop, etc.). If your PC is not powerful enough to run VR you can still use the Quest on its own you would just be limited to content made for the Quest and couldn't use content that is made exclusively for the Rift systems or content from other sources like Steam VR.


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hi can you confirm that the oculus quest 2 will work with the laptop above ive had people say on numerous sites it wont work i spoke to dell usa tech and they said it wont run vr at all can anybody verify if this is correct or does anybody no of any vr headsets that will definetely work with the laptop above please verify thanks responded...this is new.

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