Marantz 50 vs Denon avr-x6700h

Marantz cinema 50 or Denon avr-x6700h

  • Marantz cinema 50

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  • Denon avr-x6700h

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Audioholic Slumlord
I think I was using the Harmon curve +10db.
That may work well for you, though I wouldn't do more than 6 dB. Ratbuddyssey is free and not really that hard to use, unless you want to get a near straight line, it shouldn't take more than an hour or so, to achieve +/- 3 dB 20-150 Hz, after that, create your favorite bass tilt and you are done.

A few examples of what people manage to get using Ratbuddyssey:

The Audyssey MultEQ Editor app users thread (with facts and tips) | Page 5 | Audioholics Home Theater Forums
The Audyssey MultEQ Editor app users thread (with facts and tips) | Page 5 | Audioholics Home Theater Forums

Everyone may do it differently, below was what I did in my very first attempt (got a lot better since...), and the process did not take long at all, the most time consuming part is to import/export the Ady file back and forth between Ratbuddyssey and the MultEQ App:

The Audyssey MultEQ Editor app users thread (with facts and tips) | Page 8 | Audioholics Home Theater Forums


Audioholic Jedi
Every piece of the puzzle is important. All the components- speakers, subs, AVP, the speaker placements, room acoustics, and the setup (Levels, EQ, Room Correction, etc.).

We can take 2 identical systems, yet one system could sound amazing and the other one could sound poorly just because of the setup.

When I was using the Denon AVP-A1HDCI, I always raved about Audyssey DEQ, but with all my trim levels set at +5dB above standard levels. Because of this, my Master Volume was usually never above -30.0 and DEQ was very active. Also, I never noticed DEQ causing my surround speakers or any speaker to sound louder. The only thing I noticed was earth-shattering, heart-pounding, freight-train-from-hell kick-a$$ bass from my subs. :D

Just a note for people who use DEQ - changing trim levels will affect the magnitude of DEQ.


Seriously, I have no life.
Well that’s because your Anthem is not the AV90, which will no doubt sound better than the AV70, which no doubt sounds better than the AV60, and so on and so forth. :D

No seriously, you know I believe you because I’ve been saying the same thing for years. But most audiophiles will sneer at us for saying that ANY AVR sounds as good as “separates”, much less an entry level AVR. :D
Can't sound as good- price is too low. o_O

I don't think people believe it because it seems odd that great performance can come with lower price- comments form audiopiles are given credibility too often and for the wrong reasons, IMO.

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