Looking for a decent portable Bluetooth speaker (for my mom)



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Not sure if Audioholics is the place for this question. Considering i've had really good suggestions here for my system, thought i'd give it a shot first.

This is for my mom, so small, portable and ease of use is what I need. Nothing fancy. Mostly for use when working in kitchen, painting, ect.
  • Prefer accurate reproduction without distorting.
  • Good vocals.
  • Decent battery life (Prefer > 4 hrs).
  • Crazy bass is not really priority here.
  • Preferably below 150$.
  • Nice to have some external connectivity for music (USB Perhaps).
I did hear JBL Xtreme, it played loud in an open space in the showroom. But the emphasis on bass distorted the music quite a bit.
Also heard the JBL Go, for the really small size it played surprisingly quite well, and unlike Xtreme it did not distort the music. But it doesn't play loud enough. I need something with a bit more loudness.


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If you’re looking for something simple and easy, have you considered an Amazon Echo? The speaker is pretty good considering the standard form factor, and the voice enablement makes it really easy to play whatever you feel like at a moment’s notice without reaching for your phone. If you don’t want Alexa, I like the UE Boom line of speakers. Good price, good sound and you can pair two if you ever want a stereo effect or to use at a larger party


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I don't own one so I can't measure the loudness with a phone app, but perhaps tomorrow I can swing by my KEF dealer and try. I have never heard even a hint of distortion at any level! That's something ask the reviews seem to mention.

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