Logitech z906 Speakers and Sub Help



My two year old z906 controller and/ or powered sub has failed. How can I use the existing speakers and maybe the sub-woofer? Can I power the sub with something or make it passive? Hate to throw out all this equipment. Any suggestions with brand name and model would work.



Audioholic Spartan
Mostly likely, the power supply, which is in the subwoofer module, has blown. This means that the entire unit is pretty much worthless.

The speakers, by whatever chance, appear to be pretty much industry standard, and could hook up to a proper 5.1 (or better) AV receiver. Not sure what their load rating is. Probably 4 ohm, but that shouldn't be a problem for any well designed receiver playing at reasonable volume. So, you would need to go on the hunt for a new/used AV receiver which fits your needs. Lots out there on Craigslist. If this is just hooking up to your PC, then an older non-HDMI model would likely be fine and may be under $100.

But, your subwoofer is dead. I expect you can toss it and get a new standard (powered) subwoofer of your choosing. Price can be all over the place on them.


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As far as using the sub with another amp, doubt its worth the effort both for the cost of the amp and the quality of the sub. Also modern avrs do not provide an amplified channel for subs.

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