Logitech Harmony Touch 15-Device Universal IR Remote $60



Audioholic Ninja
Best Buy has the infrared only Logitech Harmony Touch 15-device universal remote on sale for $60 with free shipping or free pick up. This is a really good deal for those that do not need an RF remote.


From Best Buy:

Controls up to 15 home entertainment components
Compatible with more than 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices for simple operation of multiple devices.
Intuitive color touch screen
Makes it easy to access a variety of entertainment options. Customizable channel icons let you set up to 50 favorite channels for simple one-touch channel surfing.
Backlit buttons
For easy visibility in dim light.
Charging station
Allows you to recharge the remote for extended use.
Ergonomic design
Ensures comfortable use.


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