Left speaker output not working on Yamaha receiver



Did you try a different source before you sent it in? Checked ALL of your connections..?
Yeah, tried different sources. Both internal streaming and external analog. And swapped speakers/cables.
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Actually that is very bad news. That is the whole problem with refubs. So many faults are intermittent. So when the refub crew get to look at it, it works. You can't find what's wrong with a working unit. So they assume it was an open box return and out it goes. A guy like you buys it and eventually the intermittent fault returns. Unless you are lucky enough to have it malfunction on Yamaha's test bench you have not heard the last of this. This is the major reason to NEVER buy a refurb receiver. I'm seriously afraid this item will end up a total loss to you in the end.
As I have posted multiple times...
That is an issue with a B stock (refurb), when units are refurbished they do a quick function checkout and then on it goes to be repacked and missing accessories added. To take more time for a burn-in test would cost too much.
IMHO... Buying a refurb is like going to Vegas, however note that the majority of refurbs are most likely just fine,
Being returned because the user didn't like, it, found it cheaper somewhere else, wife said send it back..

Also check carefully, the return shipping policy..

Just my $0.02... ;)


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So just heard back from the repair center Yamaha uses. They shared a video to demonstrate what they found, and they weren't able to reproduce the issue, they see all speaker terminals working (they're hooking up the terminals to an oscilloscope).

Go figure... maybe during shipping a loose cable shifted back into place.

Still waiting to hear back on next steps, but all in all Yamaha's warranty service is great. They're pretty responsive and provided me a shipping label, so no cost to me. And that for a refurbished product. Definitely sticking with Yamaha for AVR/AVP equipment.
Wow. They captured a video of the repair process or showed you proof that they did test it.

Free shipping on a Refurb unit under warranty + Video proof of the repair process.

That's what I call great for customer support from Yamaha, who take care of you whether you buy brand new or refurb!


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Is it possible that since the unit was unplugged for a few days, it RESET itself? One of those software related issues. :D


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I still have my Yamaha TSR 7790 it’s 5 years old now i’ve had it 3 years got it from Accessories4less for 299.00 haven’t had a issue with it since day 1. It’s in my bedroom now doing 3.1. One of the best deals i’ve made unit was going for 849.00 new when they came out so 299.00 yeah sweet deal for sure.

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