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If anyone enjoys a good Monster movie / Creature feature then you should check out Kong: Skull Island. It's a really FUN movie! And for those of you endowed with a decent sound system the Dolby Atmos sound mix is awesome on this! My subwoofer hit hard and went low. I chose to watch this this morning because the neighbors were away.
Lots of Low Frequency Extension here!

I know I'm late on the draw since this movie is from 2017.
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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I really liked this one. Very well done.
I agree. John C Reilly, Samuel Jackson AND John Goodman in the same cast? Awesome. Used to like Brie Larson. But then I found out she’s a twit...Tom hiddleston is fun too, NOT playing Loki.
Atmos track is well done, and lots of deep bass moments. When I saw the very first trailer, I though Kong was too big. But after I saw this(first time was in the theater) I didn’t seem that way. Also, fwiw, Peter Jackson’s King Kong is a favorite film of mine.

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