I can't remember what I did in 1983!



First, I admit, I'm an idiot.

I know this stuff is old, but it served me well in college and I can't give it up!

I am trying to hook up a pair of Technic SB-LXs (white wire) and a pair of AR 'The Edge' (brown wire).

You should see pictures (which may not help) of the back of my Kenwood 105-VR.

This offers a variety of sound options:
  1. Pro Logic
  2. 3 Stereo
  3. Stereo
  4. 3D
  5. NB (bass)
  6. Source Direct

This is only for a small office so quality isn't terribly important, but I am missing some of the ranges in some music.

Sometimes lyrics, sometimes instruments sound like they're in the background.

Any suggestions?

Stereo 1.jpg


William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

Audioholic Spartan
Looks like you don’t have a center channel speaker hooked up. Make sure it’s in stereo mode. That will keep dialog and vocals going to the L/R main speakers.

Or use a center channel with the pro logic setting. That’s what I would probably do.


Audioholic Spartan
Are you trying to watch movies?

Or are you only listening to music?

If you are only listening to music, you likely don't need those surround speakers. And, use stereo or source direct for music only system.


Audioholic Field Marshall
I can remember what I did in 1983 because we had our youngest son get born then. 1983 was a good year.
Yes, use source direct for a music only system

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