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A few quick questions:

1) How low should I have my surround sound speakers? Ear height? Higher?

2) Should my surround sound speakers be angled down towards the listeners?

3) How far from the wall should my surround sound speakers sit for optimal performance?

Thanks in advance.


Probably a foot overhead behind and to sides of you . Tweeters facing you if possible!!

What speakers you using ? Wish I had a dedicated theater room nice stuck in parents house .
Oh paradigms that sub Costs a Lot of money I’d had gotten the 15” if I spend that much . Hope you get enough bass .
Hsu is way better value or multiple speed woofers , the paradigms cost twice there actual value if they weren’t that name brand . They actually have good performance so not a bad choice!!! Lot better then some smaller compact subs .15” is like twice the cone area I think
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This beauty is finally home. And she shakes the house.
Cool there are too many good sub brands to choose from , guess you supported local companies good for them .
Didn’t know 12 “ were so powerful I’d had got two of them instead of a 15” that’s too large to use downstairs... not used it in a year ...
shoulda built a 3 cubic foot box fail...
Defiance are one of best name brand subs , that aren’t online only .
Diy is ugly haha it got scratched to hell my parents made me move it to a friends house for no reason other then they hated it ... I’m lucky he didn’t steal it...
I got a few pics before finish was ruined too ..

honestly I’d rather bring it downstairs but my 10” subs seem plenty of output , I preferred the sealed 15” tho . Clearer bass.
Clear coat was a bad idea spilled all over carpet ruined it and some got on driver which doesn’t effect sound but makes it uglier .

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