Healthcare Overcharge!

<font color='#000080'>Anybody in good health and under 40 should have them and their family on a Health Savings Account, or Medical Savings Account. That is, if your employer doesn't pay for your health care. I am speaking mostly to self-employed people.

Basically, you pay YOURSELF (novel idea) most of the money that would otherwise be going to a $700/month HMO/PPO plan. You tie it together with a HIGH-DEDUCTIBLE health insurance plan to cover you in the case of a major problem. You pay your doctors directly and essentially keep what you don't pay (can you imagine trying to get money back from an HMO claiming you only went to the doctor 3 times that year, but still paid them over $6000 for the privilege (sp?) of the co-pay???)

[Edit: Deleted political commentary]

BTW, that MSA plan - the unused money rolls over each year and it turns into an IRA when you hit retirement age. It's a win-win. Its tax deductible and its the secret the government doesn't want you to know.

For those of you whose employers pay your health care, or most of it, go to the HR person in your company and find out how much the total bill is per month. You'll be amazed. Most people have no idea.

Here is a link from a client of mine: Info on Health Savings Accounts

My wife and I have one and are saving tons of money. Even though we plan to have a baby next year, we will still come out on top - it's unbelievable.</font>


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hawke : People need to wake up (in America) and stop thinking of health care as an entitlement or else we're going to hend up with socialist coverage like some other countries have.
Hi Hawke

I don't agree with you and I repeat again: go read the post I did previously.

All G8/OECD/Richest country except US has a so called 'socialist' health care system: Japan, Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Norway, etc.
In all of these countries heatlhcare costs less than in US (at least 30 % less, most of them more than 50% less). About waiting, what you hear is the worst case (but they do exists). Same as you hear about troubel in other countries.

I can choose any doctor in Quebec at my convenience. Same thing in all those 'socialist' countries. Sometimes we have some delays, but now, a lot of them have decreased because of better efficiency.

As far as I know, only in US you have HMOs where freedom of choosing a doctor is limited. US health care is better than other countries for the top 2% of the richest people.

Maybe you consider that the 'non socialist' system of the US is the best for health care. Your goverment spend as much as in the other countries on healthcare but 40 millions americans are not covered.

I must say that I am afraid of what will happen with our 'Capitalist' 'Free Market' when all services will be in India (and some other countries following their path), all manufacturing will be in China (and all countries following their paths). Who will buy these 'beautifull' things in Walmart when all the jobs will be somewhere else.

BTW, as a Canadian, I am in the same boat as you. Also if you want to have an very expensive operation go in Bangkok private hospital.

I agree with you that self insurance is the way to go: it is well known that 45% of the money you pay in insurance goes to administration and 55% to executing the service. I would get insurance for everything over ten thousands dollars.</font>


<font color='#000000'>Higher than 40% (I have less income tax because I am not an employee , I own a business). Otherwise it would be more than 50%.

But my point is that regarding health care your public system is already paying as much as ours (actually more).

Our taxes also covers University at less than 1000$ per term, social welfare and of course the debt that we have accumulated in the 70's.

About the debt, Bush is doing the same thing that Trudeau did in Canada.</font>


<font color='#000000'>Forgot to say, we also have a tax 15% on everything that we buy except renting an appartment and food. On gas, cars, houses, etc.</font>

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