Has Dolby Home Atmos Been a Step Forward for Home Audio?

Do you think Dolby's Home Atmos hasbeen a positive move on the whole for home audio?

  • Yes, Home Atmos has been a move in the right direction.

    Votes: 20 47.6%
  • Dolby's Home Atmos has overall been good for home audio but has some flaws.

    Votes: 18 42.9%
  • Home Atmos has become a misbegotten mess for home audio.

    Votes: 3 7.1%
  • I don't know what a Dolby Home Atmos is. Help, I am lost and scared!

    Votes: 1 2.4%

  • Total voters


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The living room is acoustically sub-optimal with tile floors, large windows on one wall and two sliding glass doors on the other. The Sony STR-DN1080 Calibration software/process made a noticeable improvement.
You have a large area rug for your living room, right? :D


You have a large area rug for your living room, right? :D
No. Rugs are more trouble than they are worth in our household as we have a bunch of animals in the house. Rugs tend to get destroyed quickly when our varmints are involved...

I know it would help a bunch, but that isn't really in the cards for us.


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If low frequencies are too powerful on recent soundtracks, they're too powerful with or without Atmos as the LFE channel has nothing to do with Atmos in the sense it's present with or without it. It's a Hollywood decision how much bass goes into a given soundtrack.


I know that it's almost kind of a consensus that the "bouncy speakers" (up firing speakers) are not great compared to installing speakers directly into the ceiling, but, from experience I can tell that even if they are not "as good", I think they do some of the effect and they are better than no Atmos speakers at all.

For the longest time I had my 5.2 system that I loved dearly and I never saw the reason to upgrade. Recently I've got a new receiver (the amazing Denon AVR-X3600H) and after I configured my 5.2 system on it I was super happy with the sound (a little improvement over my old/simpler Sony receiver).

Then, I've got curious and I found 4x (2 pairs) of those bouncy Pioneer speakers (the SP-T22A-LR) very cheap (like $180 for all 4x) and I've thought to myself "whatever, it is worth the try". And I loved it.

Setting them to 200hz crossover so they are easily drived and don't "compete" with my main speakers actually gave me a very good effect. And I think the Denon Audissey did a great job blending them properly.

In summary, I am happy with the bouncy guys. I was happy with my 5.2 before, so, the "new" 5.2.4 is basically just one extra "detail" in the movies that just works for me as is. No drilling ceilings or doing complex cable installations. That is a huge plus.

Also, I have some extra speakers to do a 7.2 system, and I tested that, and I honestly don't think 5->7 was an improvement at all. So, at least in my case, 5.2.4 was better then 5.2.0 but 7.2.0 wasn't any as big of a change compared to my 5.2.0.

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