Harman/Kardon AVR 335 (with some cables)

Tony Cardenas

Tony Cardenas

Junior Audioholic
Hey everyone - looking to sell my HK AVR 335. I'm the original owner - purchased around 2005 from a now closed Circuit City. The AVR always ran great - I had it in a 5.1 setup in the living room. I was using the AVR strictly for audio - video I handled separately using HDMI direct to the TV with an HDMI splitter. I ran optical audio for everything at the time to the AVR (cable TV set top box, Apple Airport Express, and DVD).

For anyone interested, I'd like to ask $100 (not including shipping). I'm including most of the original cables I used as well. All total:

  • AVR 335
  • 2x Monster THX 3ft component video
  • 1x Monster THX 8ft (I think) component video
  • 2x consumer grade component A/V cable sets
  • Remote is included (tested today with new batteries and is fully functional)

I unfortunately can't track down the calibration microphone I had with it. I did calibrate it with the microphone back in the day and as I recall it setup nicely.

There is some minor wear on the remote and the AVR is generally blemish free. The only other defect is on the optical 1 input - the little plastic 'door' broke off. I never looked into replacing that (I took the easy route and just used the optical input on the front).

I appreciate the interest and if anyone wants additional photos I'd be happy to send them. I'm local to Los Angeles if someone wanted to do a sale in-person.

Cheers and thanks,

AVR335 front.jpeg
AVR335 top.jpeg
AVR335 back.jpeg
AVR335 remote.jpeg

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