My BDP-95 is dying. The screen will go black, blank, and that snowy gray stuff. Both with DVD and blu-ray.
Then picture and sound will come back, and I'm happy. then again, and again! It makes me crazy! I've used a disc cleaner
multiple times, and still no go. The same discs play just fine on my newer $80.00 Samsung machine, and on my brand new
LG 4k UHD macine. My question is, " Is it worth spending the money to get this thing fixed?" Technology has advanced so
far in the intervening years, it does seem like it's time for the retirement home. Any thoughts?


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I also have a BDP-95. Technology hasn't advanced as much as you are thinking.

This blu-ray player in good order performs pretty well and I would get it fixed. Have you tried contacting OPPO? I understand that, although they stopped production of new players, they still provide support for their blu-ray players. In my opinion, those OPPO products are more solidly built than that of most other brands.
little wing

little wing

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I sent my 105 in for repairs about a month and half ago. It cost $150, I believe. They sent it back in about a week and it's fine. I'm glad I did it. I still use it to play Blu-rays, SACDs and the like. I don't use it as much as I used to, so if it were to need repair in the future, I would think long and hard about doing it again. I'd probably look at a Sony 1000 at that point. But as for right now, I still like having the Oppo 105 in my system.


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I'd repair it and use it as it would suit my purposes well enough (no 4k/Atmos setup). Used ones still sell for quite a bit if you don't keep it afterwards and a freshly refurbed one should command the best prices. Then like verdinut says, they still are very good universal disc players....heck yours has features my 203 doesn't...

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