Dual SVS PB 4000 for sale



Audioholic Ninja

Selling my dual PB 4000's no problems just want to go to passive subs not active in my home theater

$1400 each these are the piano gloss versions that's 500 off each one

For the price of a PB 3000 actually less no tax you get the best of both worlds the performance of the PB 3000 up top but stellar deep bass down low

I have the warranty from Bjorn's and SVS both are transferable. 3 full years still left on both warranties

Bjorn's has a shop that does full repairs if you don't want to mess with them if they ever have issues SVS will ship you everything you need as well both have exceptional service

I do not have the boxes to ship I couldn't fit them over here these are local pick up only live in San Antonio TX

Both are in like new condition

PM me if interested

Wanted to give you guys first shot

Thank you for your time


Audioholic Ninja
I’m surprised those subs aren’t sealed after all the action they’ve seen! :p


Audioholic Ninja
You... you are letting go of your babies?
Yeeeeep I love them but that RBH SV1212PR just blew me away the output is amazing so I wanna go passive and I figure 2 more of the SV1212NR to match with 1 more next year 4 of those beasts will be out of this world!!!

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