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I bought a Lenovo laptop specifically for having the Dolby Home Theater V4 installed. I really like everything I can do in set up and it turns your laptop in a pretty darn good source.

I’ll skip the part where I demonstrate my dissatisfaction with Windows for crashing it. (Sorry, too much skipping left it unclear, Ilost Dolby with the last update from Windows).

Anyway, although everything is completely legit, I lost my Dolby software. But reinstallation wasn’t all that easy. I got the Dolby installation pack from the Lenovo site made for my model exactly, but still couldn’t install it.

And this is why I’m sharing this and I hope it helps someone. I didn’t find the solution in the Lenovo forums.

EVEN THOUGH everything is nice n’ legal, you still have to disable the driver signature enforcement in order to install your Dolby suite. You can find this on start up when you press Shift+Restart, so:

WinKey or Start/Power icon/Shift+Restart – it is option number 7 in Win10 (sometimes it’s F7)

PS: I was trying for a month, convinced I don’t need to turn off signature to install a completely legit version of software. I really lost it a couple of times and I’m trying to help others avoid the frustration.
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