Do you think it's worth going with a separate AV Processor?



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So with DNR (Do Not Resuscitate, right @TLS Guy ? :D), ASR sometimes uses 4V, sometimes they don't specify how many Volts?
I believe if he used balanced/XLR, it would be 4V, if unbalanced, i.e. RCA then it would be 2 V. That's Okay because in most if not all cases, the end results should be the same due to the lower gain of the balanced connections.

With IMD, which figures are more "representative " ? -5dB?
I think to compare it with others such as, it would be around -6 dBFS but I am not too sure, and I email him for some education.

Besides the usual "it depends" and "all of the above" answers, which parameters are salient when determining SOTA or "best engineering and quality " in electronics?

Distortion (THD) and Noise (SNR) - and their various nomenclature?
Imo it would be THD+N. All else being equal IMD produces harmonics not related to the fundamental so it would be most offensive, but typically if the device has very low THD+N, IMD wouldn't be an issue either. DNR/SNR are probably second but could be first if you have an exceptionally quiet room. The noise floor of my rooms are around 20 to 30 dB at best, so I am not going to worry much about SNR worse than 75 dB unweighted.

A lot of people also measured Crosstalk and Freq Resp, but these are less important?
I doubt too many people over 40 can hear much pass 15,000 Hz anyway so practically speaking cross talk should be more important, but then even the $300 AVRs should have much better cross talk specs than the best turntable/cartridge/vinyl records right?


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Back in the 80’s RadioShack had theses super tweeters
you could place them on top of your speaker. Well back than I had two of them Super Tweeters. Well about 6 months ago I was at a friends home he has the same speaker’s RadioShack speakers and two super tweeters one on top of each speaker cabinet.
Well at my age all I heard from those super tweeters was ‘tis ‘tis ‘tis every now and than so hearing 15.000 Hz and above would be a blessing.

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