Do I need an external DAC?



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Hi, I have few questions about my setup if I could get any help from you. I need some education here. My setup is as follows.
I listen to music on my iPhone, streaming from Amazon HD/Ultra HD Music Service (evaluating it and my setup). I connect my iPhone 6S+ to my AV receiver, Yamaha RX-V675, via a “lightning to USB” cable. And listen to front channel speakers, Polk S55 towers.
1) Am I using internal DAC of the Yamaha receiver?
2) Would a better external DAC improve the quality of music? Or am I limited by the quality of Polk S55 speakers.
3) If I would benefit from an external DAC, how do I connect it to my receiver (bypass internal Yamaha DAC) that has to drive my Polks. Are there any recommendations for the DAC ? I must use my iPhone unless I buy another integrated amp or AV receiver. Thanks.


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You are using the DAC in the Yamaha. An external DAC is very unlikely to improve sound quality.


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Most of your sound quality is from the speakers (and your room). Your dac in the Yamaha should be quite good. External dacs are primarily for old analog 2ch gear....

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