Digital coaxial cable use



Indeed... the plain copper clad steel is not for strength. There is a different coax with steel for strength, that they use. The stuff being sold by amazon is probably fine. Just don’t know why you would want a steel conductor. ;)
It sure what you’re getting at with the first part. In HFC (at least the network I work on) the strength of a conductor isn’t a factor since the weight is carried by a messanger or separate stranded wire.

Yeah, the amazon stuff is cheap, just have to size up for the same resistance as pure copper. Kinda offsets the cost benefit but not by much.

For audio, no idea to on the steel conductor to be honest lol. In the realm of cable service, probably something about skin depth of the frequencies used being shallow enough that a thin copper coating is enough. Seems sound enough for the higher frequencies but I’m not entirely sure on the exact numbers. MoCA runs around 1.1ghz but that’s a ways off something like a legacy return path at just under 12mhz or docsis return.

I’m way off topic, I’ll be good lol.

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