Debating switching from Yamaha to NAD



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I have had the NAD T758V3 and I swapped over to the Yamaha camp (yes, pre-pro, but still). My experience with NAD has been less than stellar. The first one I received had a very loud hum and buzz through the speakers. This was repaired (not completely eliminated, but better). Some other issues came up and in the end the distributer kindly swooped the unit for me. The new unit also was not completely silent. I was so fedup that I decided to change to something else. So I did a little comparison with a Yamaha and the NAD during the last couple of weeks and the NAD went in for a trade. Dirac in this case is no magic bullet.
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Hi all

I left this thread quietly as I purchased a second hand Arcam 550. I have been 3 weeks struggling to decide which one to keep, Arcam or Yamaha+Roksan

Arcam is much more refined, and Dirac works very well (after having spent hours, days, weeks, experimenting). Bass is controlled and highs are sweet. No more listening fatigue

However, I miss the huge soundstage of Yamaha, the airy sound, sometimes harsher, but bigger and dispersed

I ended up with the decision of keeping the Arcam. The difference vs the NAD of this thread, is that the Arcam does not need Dirac to sound very good (though Dirac improves the SQ) as some owners of NAD have confirmed to me


Ok, I took a bunch of measurements
it was really interesting to see your graphs. could you please show overlay of normalized distortion graphs?
I bought f208 couple of weeks ago and would like to compare it
thank you

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