Choose: Krell Showcase 7 or Conrad Johnson MF5600



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Ok, not a dbl down, but you get my point ..........

It's just a deceptive thing generally. Comparing like spec at output has some meaning of course. I'd like to see how much more capable at 4 or 2 ohm these particular amps are vs a good powerful avr, tho (referring to the CJ/Krell in this thread, not the ridiculous Boulder thing).
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$205,000 a pair.

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so, if an 'external' amp can double down into a 4 ohm load and perhaps even double down again into a 2 ohm load its 120watt rating (@ 8 ohm) means something IMO. Very few AVR's that I know of can double down into a 4 ohm load and probably go into protection mode if presented with a 2 ohm load.
If you consider the AVR-4308 CI rated 140 W (According to Denon), then you can say it doubles down into 4 ohms.

This was what S&V said about it's output:

"This graph shows that the AVR-4308CI's left channel, from Multi input to speaker output with two channels driving 8-ohm loads, reached 0.1% distortion at 198.6 watts and 1% distortion at 218.9 watts. The distortion level remained at or below 0.002% across all power levels until it reached about 165 watts. Into 4 ohms, the amplifier reached 0.1% distortion at 298.0 watts and 1% distortion at 343.4 watts. "

Now the Krell may be able to do it literally continuously, like all day long.. No argument from me in that sense, but in terms of practical value for real world use, then it is a different story.

Edit: Just check, both use 10 A Mains fuses, so neither one can do ACD into 4 ohms. They can probably do 5 channel driven into 8 ohms continuously (if meant literally continuously..) but not more than that.

@Mesonto , which preamp/processor will yo be using? Those two amps has relatively low gains, 26-27 dB, need 1.5-1.55 V to drive them to just rated output according to specs. For the money, you are better off with a Monolith amp (made by ATI), Marantz MM8077 brand new, or if Canada, MCA 525 (if you can find a good used one).
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