Charles Mingus would be 100, 4/22/2022



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One of the greats in American Music... Musician, Bassist, Composer...

Jazz Legend.

As a Jazzer myself, I was introduced to Mingus very late. I knew who he was but am guilty of the crime of not listening to his music for way too long. It was one of the two Bassists in the band I moved from Missouri to San Francisco with who pushed me past whatever block it was I had going on.
What I had been missing.

Sometimes you can't really get past the first time. ;)
For me, my first Mingus was Mingus Ah Um.
I think I chose this mainly because of the two Saxophonists on the Album. (Three, actually, with Shafi Hadi added in on a few cuts as well.) Though I wasn't intimately familiar with either John Handy or Booker Ervin, I knew of them. Regardless, this was what I chose.
From the first cut, I was hooked. Absolutely cookin' rhythms and Dannie Richmond's driving percussion made Better Get It in your Soul an instant favorite. Add to that the absolute classics like Goodbye Pork Pie Hat and Fables of Faubus and you can't go wrong.
For me... the epiphany of this CD I bought was in a bonus cut. Pedal Point Blues. I just adore the composition, the dissonance, layers, riffs...

I hope some of you will join me and celebrate the Life and Music of one of America's greatest Artists.

For those with Apple Music who may wish to enjoy the whole of his first album on Columbia, with bonus tracks:

And here's a 3-pack for those that just want to dip their toes in the pool:

Better Get It In Your Soul

Fables Of Faubus

Pedal Point Blues
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Hell yeah Ryansosaur nice post and great work embedding some links for any curious folks out there. Got my first taste of jazz playing alto in jazz band seventh grade. Teacher was a big fan of his. I’ve long since stopped playing but getting a nice set of speakers blasted the doors back open on jazz listening. It’s incredible what live music recorded in a club can sound like through capable gear.

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