Canton vs Aperion speaker help



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So if I wanted to build out a high end system over the years, I should start with these, and would a x3600h even properly power these?
My 3500 does a fine job.

They do take a bit more power than pretty much any of my other speakers. As an example, I used to have my max volume limited to -20dB. For the BMR, -20dB is fairly loud for a CD source, but I had to change my max limit to -10dB to get the spl I wanted for phono sources.

Probably more info than you wanted, but bottom line is that the 3500 drives them fine.


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Regarding Canton speakers, I found out why the supply (and the deals) are drying up at, and it has to do with wholesale distribution. Apparently A4L was importing them, there was no official US distributor.

From my Facebook feed, I saw that Bluebird Music is now the official US distributor. Whether or not they will allow A4L to continue selling off older models, open box, and factory refurbished speakers, remains to be seen. Bluebird Music could offer that to someone else, such as Music Direct, Sweetwater, or other larger retail company that would or may already be moving some of their other lines.


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Just to get back to the OP’s question, I have a pair of the original Verus bookshelf speakers and love them. The build quality and finish is beautiful and sound quality is excellent for both movies and music. I will say they tend to be on the warmer side so if you like a completely neutral speaker, they may not be your jam (not sure if the vIII model has changed the sound signature much or not). My wife much prefers listening to music with these over our Salk towers in a different room. Can’t comment on the Canto’s as I haven’t heard them, and certainly the other speakers mentioned in this thread have great reps, but my experience with Aperion has been excellent.


If you want a pair of speakers that will open your audio window to a new level of clarity/definition and be your favorite bookshelf speakers for the next 20 years.... get the latest BMR for $1700. You can use it for music and movies and add a center channel later.

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If you are looking for mid-bass slam and a very lively sound I would consider the Canton Vento 836.2 ($1000).
I assume compared to the Sierra-2EX the BMR are better but would their center channel match up well?

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