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Bryston LTD announced that their much anticipated SP3 surround processor (audio only version) will be on operational display at CEDIA 2010. The SP3 surround processor has been engineered to deliver ultimate performance surround sound playback. Slated to be available in two versions, the SP3 at CEDIA 2010 will feature audio processing (with all of the latest DTS and Dolby high definition formats); however a modular video processing board will become available next year for those consumers who wish to add video processing capabilities. The SP3 will feature ultimate performance Class A discrete analog circuits and isolated dual power supplies, one each for the digital and analog sections of the device.

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I'll wait to see how it actually measures out on the bench to pass judgement.:D

It may be a "must-have" for folks who already own Bryston amps and want a matching set for aesthetics sake. But unless it kills everything else out there on the bench, it's just another "me-too-been-there-done-it" pre-pro.:D


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I like the idea that Bryston decided to modularize the video component porcessing as it appears that this technonolgy is still evolving. Not much more can be doen to lossless audio so that part is covered. Based on the SP2 specs below and the 5year warranty, I would say that this gives the Anthem a good run for the money.

A/D Conversion: 24-Bit, 48kHz Delta-Sigma
D/A Conversion: 24-Bit, up to 96kHz Delta-Sigma
DSP Engine: TI Aureus
Power Supply: Dual, Linear, Toroidal
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.25 dB
THD+Noise: Less than 0.006% in DSP modes; Less than 0.0025% in
Bypass mode 20Hz to 20kHz at maximum output level.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 105dB in DSP Modes; 110dB in 2ch Bypass Mode ; 22kHz
bandwidth, Ref. 1kHz at maximum output level
Input Level: 2 Vrms in DSP modes; 4 Vrms in Bypass Mode
Input Impedance: 50kOhms
Output Level: 8 Vrms (16 Vrms Balanced) in DSP Modes; 10 Vrms (20
Vrms Balanced) in Bypass Mode.
Output Impedance: 110 Ohms
Bass Management: 2nd Order HP filter(x5), 4th Order LP filter 40 – 200 Hz Crossover
Power Requirements 100VAC, 115VAC, and 230VAC models. 200 VA. IEC detachable
power cord (included)
Dimensions: 17” W x 13.5” D x 3.8” H; rackmount 19” W x 13.5” D x 3.5” H
Weight: approx 22 lbs (10 kg)
Chassis Temp: 50 deg Celsius max.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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