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I need to sell audio gear I no longer use or have rarely used. For now, local Kansas City pickup only.

Dayton Epique CBT24 line array speakers assembled and painted $650 (purchased 4/2017 cost 995 unassembled and unpainted)
Hsu 6/2017 VTF-1 MK3 Subwoofer $225.00 (purchased 6/2017 cost 423.00 shipped)
XTZ 99.26 MKII ribbon speakers $700.00 (Purchased 1/2016 Cost 1103.30)
Dennis Murphy Affordable Accuracy Modified Parts Express Speakers $150.00 (bought approximately 12/2015 very little use 210 cost)
Emotiva Mini-X a-100 50W x 2 $100.00 (purchased 1/2014 rarely used cost $169)
Emotiva Powered Speakers Airmotiv 4 speakers $100.00 (Bought 7/2013 very very little use cost 299)
JBL ES250P sub (12") $150.00 (Bought 11/2015 208.41 rarely used this was a 500 sub that usually sold for 350 bought on black friday sale)
Oppo 103D Darbee Edition Universal Player $400.00 (Bought 5/2015 $618 with upgrade mod JVBdigital 4xS/PDIF outputs $449.00)


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Wow, some killer gear in here for great prices. Anyone on the market for this type of stuff in your area would be very lucky to get in on some of these deals. Good luck with your sale!


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Great deals. Randy has been a member here for over 15 years. Buy from him. Great luck.

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